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Hi everyone,

my name is Anna, I am 29 years old and I work as instructor of modern dance. The club that I work in has more than 1200 members, and is one of the best in England. In my career I had won a lot of medals and I have a lot of friends and contributors. In my long lasting career I travelled around the world. I can remember a lot of wonderful moments, memories are very nice, but also there are a lot of moments which I would like to forget.

A few years ago I was at the top of my career. We went on International competition of modern dancing in Seul, Korea. In plane, while traveling to Seul, I felt strong pain in mu toe. “Corns on toes” I thought immediately, “Ohhh, my god, what should I do? All this years I have never had problems with corns on feet. Probably hard preparation, training, high heels and who knows what else, caused my corns on toes. My team will be disappointed if I don’t do my best. They expect a lot from me and I wouldn’t stand disappointing them or my parents who enabled me all of this.

How to get rid of corns? What is the best corn treatments? Corn on foot, uhhh, why this had to happened right now? All that questions were echoing in my head. Luckily, our competition timetable was starting in five days so I had enough time to find answer to question: How to get rid of corns?

I have to admit that I had problems with foot corn also earlier, I tried a lot of treatments, creams, and even tape wart, but believe me it was pointless. Results were visible but corns on toes would always come back.

My career was brought to a question, until I had found a product that really helped me permanently. I still bring that product for corn treatment in my bag. My students don’t have reasons to worry, and will never experience the same unpleasant things that I did.

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