Corns on feet. True story

I am here again to end my story about corns on feet. So if you also think that problem with corn on feet is unsolvable, than I really recommend you to continue reading this post. This is true uncensored story about mother and her daughter who have permanently got rid of unpleasantly thing called feet corn, each on her own way.
Be sure that here you will find the solution you were searching for.

Why am I writing all this?
Don’t forget that my career as a modern dancer was brought into a question. I didn’t know what would I do if I haven’t came to a magical formula over the doctor in Seul. Not only it helped me,but it also helped my mother. I know, what it is like to feel pain and have no solution for it. I want to help people to solve their problems with corns feet.

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My mum, who I am very proud of, considering everything she did for me, is smiling again, she is walking slow steps, and her morning walks in park became a routine again.
Altsberglotion – Corn & Wart Remover is the name of magical, secret formula that changed our lives.
Treatment is fast, safe and very effective. It is enough to cover corn feet with thin layer of this magical product twice a day (5-6 layers most, one over another). You can use cotton swab. Best time for treatment is once in the morning and once in the evening. Meanwhile, you can wet your legs, but pay attention, not to rub treated spot with soap or sponge.

When you put on all layers, don’t touch anything. Corn on feet needs 20 day to be pulled out with root. Then put your leg in washbowl with hot water and ten minutes later slowly remove layers. You will feel great relief. This is the whole process. After that foot corn on my leg and on my mother’s leg never show back again. I got rid of corn on feet permanently. I wish you all the same and I hope you found this information useful. I sincerely expect you to feel the same relief very quickly.

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Foot Corns Removal. The Best Way

Hello, Ann is here

I don’t know if HPV virus has some connection with heritage? Is corn on feet inheritable, and is there any genetic predisposition if one or both parents have problems with feet corn for longer period? These are questions I had to ask my family’s doctor and podiatrist. He gave me really interesting answer: ” HPV virus is not inheritable, it spreads, and more then 97% of human population has it in body. However, when and if it will show depends on lot of factors. For example, feet corn is appearing from pressure of inadequate and narrow shoes. That’s it. Your professional career as modern dancer required high heels, right? It caused appearance of feet corn.” He said.

My reflection that I inherited my problem from my mum has changed. Yes, my mum works as professional hairdresser and beautician. She is standing for a long time while working, and it is probably cause of her problem with foot corns. She had problem with corns for 20 years. There is no treatment that she hadn’t tried. Laser corn removal, laser freezing, creams, medicines… The biggest problem was too deep root of corn and no treatment could take it out completely. That is why it would always return. She become very nervous and had lost hope that problem will be solved.

I got in contact with people who made ” miracle medicine” that helped me to remove corns successfully and permanently. I was surprised when I got information from them that people with problems like problem of my mum are contacting them in large number by email, without choosing words to thank for help they have got. When I said that my mum has that problem for almost 20 years they sent me product for free. I only had to sent chronology of healing. Product was sent to mum’s address and she got it 7 days later.

It would be redundant to talk how my mum succeed in getting rid of corns permanently by using this treatment for 20 days (not 20 years). In my next post I will tell you step by step the process how my mum after 20 years succeed in getting rid of corns on foot forever.


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How to get rid of corns on feet? My own experience with corns feet

Our hosts in Seul were great. Organizer of International competition of modern dancing did his best to make everything perfect.

An older man, doctor podiatrist, came immediately in our team and asked about my problem with corns on feet. The smile on his face, while he was doing the research in clinic full of degrees and certificates, was instilling me confidence and giving me hope that everything will be OK! “One more corn on foot. That’s it, no need to worry, this is just a daily routine”, he said. Wave of self-confidence spread over my body.
He gave me some thick sticky liquid which smelled like some organic solution. I wasn’t fascinated with corn treatment he offered me. But, I didn’t have choice, my career depended on it.

The same night, before sleeping I put first layer of wonderful medicine on foot corn. I used ear sticks to apply medicine on corns on toes. The following morning I put another layer over, and two more layers in period of 12 hours passed. Four thin layers of wonderful medicine in total, one over another.

I Didn’t put anything over foot corn, none of bandages or tape wart. The pain was gone right next day. After four days I put foot in washbowl full of hot water, waited for 10 minutes and removed all layers by my fingers. The miracle happened, my corns on toes came out with root, without hurting me…

Of course, In Seul, we won gold medal. That weird thick liquid really helped me, and even today I strongly recommend it to everyone who has problems that I had. On the Internet I found out that this product has effects on HPV virus which are very strong an powerful, so it is ideal for getting rid of corns permanently.

In my next post in this blog, I will give you more details of my mother’s experience with corn on foot. This product also helped her, although she had had problem with foot corn for more then 20 years.


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