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I don’t know if HPV virus has some connection with heritage? Is corn on feet inheritable, and is there any genetic predisposition if one or both parents have problems with feet corn for longer period? These are questions I had to ask my family’s doctor and podiatrist. He gave me really interesting answer: ” HPV virus is not inheritable, it spreads, and more then 97% of human population has it in body. However, when and if it will show depends on lot of factors. For example, feet corn is appearing from pressure of inadequate and narrow shoes. That’s it. Your professional career as modern dancer required high heels, right? It caused appearance of feet corn.” He said.

My reflection that I inherited my problem from my mum has changed. Yes, my mum works as professional hairdresser and beautician. She is standing for a long time while working, and it is probably cause of her problem with foot corns. She had problem with corns for 20 years. There is no treatment that she hadn’t tried. Laser corn removal, laser freezing, creams, medicines… The biggest problem was too deep root of corn and no treatment could take it out completely. That is why it would always return. She become very nervous and had lost hope that problem will be solved.

I got in contact with people who made ” miracle medicine” that helped me to remove corns successfully and permanently. I was surprised when I got information from them that people with problems like problem of my mum are contacting them in large number by email, without choosing words to thank for help they have got. When I said that my mum has that problem for almost 20 years they sent me product for free. I only had to sent chronology of healing. Product was sent to mum’s address and she got it 7 days later.

It would be redundant to talk how my mum succeed in getting rid of corns permanently by using this treatment for 20 days (not 20 years). In my next post I will tell you step by step the process how my mum after 20 years succeed in getting rid of corns on foot forever.


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